Vape Pens: Dry Herb or Concentrate?

Over the last few decades, the usage of cannabis has become increasingly accepted. With it, the quality, types of product and methods of cannabis consumption have been on the rise. While many cannabis users still prefer traditional methods of consumption like smoking, some have taken a “healthier” alternative by using a vaporizer to vape cannabis, both dry herb and oils (also known as concentrates).

Vaping is not necessarily a new phenomenon. Vape pens have there uses through a variety of applications ranging from e-cigarettes to essential oils. Concerning cannabis, each user will always have their own preference… whether they choose to utilize dry herb or a concentrate, each method will have a different effect.

Dry Herb

For decades, dry herb has been the most common source for THC. In most cases, it’s actually a lot easier to obtain than any concentrate and cheaper too.

Vaporizing Flower

Using a dry herb vaporizer is basically “smoking without smoking”. Dry herb vaporizers, through research, have proven to be a far more beneficial and effective method of delivering THC. With a dry herb vaporizer, the flower is broken down and put into a “herb chamber”. The vaporizer heats the flower to an optimal temperature causing THC on the flower to liquefy, without combustion occurring. Without combustion and the burning of the flower, a cannabis smoker doesn’t inhale many of the compounds that are harmful to the lungs… like the residual tar and other carcinogens. When the flower has been completely exhausted, what you have left in the chamber is a brown flower, sucked dry of all THC.

Vaping also helps alleviate the smell that would normally occur through burning flower. The vapor produced dissipates far more quickly than smoke. Not only does the smoke hang around, through burning the flower, tar by-product, tends to stick to other materials in the environment like clothing and fabrics.

The Effects

Many users have explained that vaping the dry herb has produced a “cleaner” high and euphoria. In contrast to burning the dry flower, users often report feeling lethargic or tired after consumption. This could be due to the lack of compounds that are no longer burning through traditional methods.


Concentrates are fairly new to the world of cannabis. Through an extraction process, THC or CBD can be isolated from the rest of the flower… leaving behind all of the compounds found in dry herb. This allows for higher concentrations of THC consumption, ranging anywhere from 50%-99%. The difference in effect is uncanny and can drastically change the frequency in which a user might feel the need to engage in smoking/vaping.

Vaporizing Concentrates

Since the whole flower is no longer left intact and all that’s left is purely THC or CBD, in the form of oil, it’s much easier to use and manage. Generally, Concentrates can come in the form of cartridges that can then be loaded onto a vape pen. With the single push of a button, the pen will increase temperature and vape the concentrate. Since this type of product can come in the form of pre-filled cartridges, it adds a sense of extreme convenience. Users no longer have to take the time and effort to breakdown flower, simply load up the cartridge and it’s good to go!

The Effects

Given the extremely high concentrate of THC, the idea that less is more comes into play. 50%-90% THC or CBD significantly outweighs the amount found in conventional dry herb. Because of this, it takes a very small amount to achieve the desired effects.

It also tends to act more quickly than its flower counterpart and absorbed into the lungs at a faster rate. This can be an extreme benefit to users who use cannabis to treat things like anxiety and pain… the quick absorption coupled with the powerful dose can alleviate their symptoms with ease.

Whatever your preferred method, it’s always wise to do some research before selecting any option of THC or CBD consumption. Each user is different and each user will experience a different effect.

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