Top Potent Cannabis Strains of 2019

person wearing a blue glove holding a few cannabis leaves

Canada produces some of the finest cannabis strains on the planet. When it comes to the beautiful purple colors, people love the cold climates in Canada that help to deliver the truest of purps. Beyond the beautiful purple buds, consumers love that Canada is responsible for some unbelievable genetics. Not only does Canada produce epic cannabis, it’s about to be legal recreational for adults 19 and over across the country.

This means you will be able to find some of the best recreational cannabis strains available on the market. Knowing what strains to look for can help you find that absolute fire. No matter whether you’re looking to chillax, sleep, create, get energized, or looking to socialize, there is a cannabis strain that can help you accomplish this task. Here are five strains that are absolutely insane and making waves across Canada.

Black Tuna

A BC classic from Five Star Organic. The combination of Lambs Bread and Herijuana come together to produce trichome covered resin filled nugs of happiness. Black Tuna is coincidentally packaged in tuna cans too. Don’t worry there’s nothing fishy about the smell or taste of this incredible ganja. The name is homage to the Black Tuna Gang who smuggled unknown amounts of Colombian ganja into America during the 70s. This cannabis strain will leave you feeling fine and dandy.

Grape God

A blend of a delectable Grapefruit Sativa crossed with the legendary Indica God Bud. The combination of the two create a party in your mouth. Prepare your taste buds for floral flavors and sweet citrus kicks combined with skunky earthy undertones. This potent ganja cannabis strain is in high demand across the land in Canada.

Death Bubba

One dominant Indica that may be just what you need to help you wind down and chillax. This particular strain is not for the noob. If you’ve never had the pleasure of blazing this amazing cannabis strain than make sure you take it easy the first time you give it a try. A couple of puffs of this stuff will sit you down. Death Bubba is straight out of Vancouver produced by Matteo Suleyman of Sea to Sky. These trichome covered resin dripping nugs are behind many cases of couch lock. Watch out because you might not be able to get enough of this sweet tasting earthy flowery herb.

Blue Cheese

This cannabis strain is a legendary combination of DJ Shorts Blueberry and the highly sought-after UK cheese also known as Exodus Cheese. The Exodus Collective planted an Original Skunk seed which phenotyped to become the legendary UK Cheese we know today. When crossed with a Blueberry male, the results produce a smooth sweet tasty treat known as Blue Cheese.

Black Diamond

An Indica that doesn’t play around. This cross of Diamond OG and Blackberry create a flavorful potent pair. When you’re looking to get your giggle on Black Diamond is sure to lend a hand. This is a great strain to chillax with for movie night. Make sure to have plenty to eat and drink on hand. Black Diamond is known to produce insane munchies and is responsible for many cases of cotton face. This cannabis strain is no joke.
Always remember to consume responsibly. These are some of the more potent strains you will find. Stay hydrated so that you can get the most from your buzz. Don’t drive impaired and most importantly, always remember to have a blazin and amazin time!

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