Top 5 Edible Brands in North America

When thinking about cannabis edibles, most people would think, “Oh, brownies.” Well, while cannabis infused brownies are still very much popular today; cannabis edibles have taken on a completely new meaning with the countless brands and companies that have been popping up in the market.

With the legalization of cannabis use in many US states and Canada, many expect more companies to produce larger varieties of cannabis products in the next few years. For the ones already in the market, they have a unique place as being one of the pioneers in edibles; that are sure to pack a punch while also being incredibly tasty.

While edibles take longer to take effect, there great alternatives for anyone who doesn’t want to, or can’t smoke cannabis. They’re delicious and easier to take, and their effects also last longer in the body. If you’re looking for a tasty treat with the goal of getting high, these cannabis edibles will do the job.

If you’re wondering what the best cannabis edibles are in the market right now; here are 5 of the top brands and companies that produce the most popular products:

LOL Edibles

Makers of a great selection of yummy cannabis-infused delectables, LOL Edibles, can be found in over 500 dispensaries all across California. They make a ton of delicious snacks from brownies, to cereals, rice krispies, chocolates, candies, and baked goods that not only look good, they taste incredible, too. Each snack contains measured doses of high quality cannabis extract, with effects that last longer versus smoking or vaping.

LOL Edibles was actually voted the #1 line of edibles in California, and for good reason, too. The yummy treats, sour belts, and tasty goods are all made with the finest quality ingredients and made with the finest strain of cannabis extract found in the market.

MOTA Brand

One of the more established cannabis edible brands in Canada , MOTA Cannabis Products operate from Vancouver Island. They produce a great range of snacks, sweets, drinkables, concentrates, and tinctures, all made with naturally pure and carefully crafted ingredients and cannabis extract.

One of the leading edible producers in Canada, their wide range of products feature strong and enjoyable highs, as well as a host of medical benefits ideal for medical use.

Discreetly Baked

Self-dubbed as luxury cannabis, Discreetly Baked markets itself as makers of high-end cannabis products featuring a broad range of products that include chocolates, oils, and tinctures. Many consider their award-winning chocolates to be the best in the entire industry; featuring all-natural ingredients, pure cocoa powder, and infused with THC for that incredible euphoric experience.

Described as having a creamy, silky, and smooth texture, Discreetly Baked chocolates come in a variety of flavors, with the milk chocolate being the most popular.

Twisted Extracts

Another well-established cannabis edible brand , Twisted Extracts is the original maker of the widely popular Jelly Bombs. These sweet, fruity, and delicious gummies are famous for their accurate and consistent dose, featuring several strain options that target specific experiences.

They have edibles designed to meet certain uses, such as the Sativa Jelly Bombs for a euphoric experience perfect for those who need a little kick of creativity and euphoria. For those in need of sleeping, Twisted Extracts feature the Indica ZZZ Bombs that’ll get you snoozing in minutes. Whatever you need, be it for increased energy or to relieve stress, Twisted Extract has the edible for you.

They also have the Cara-melts, which are caramel cannabis candies; made for convenience. You can bring one in your purse and pop one out whenever you need some dose of energy or to calm down your nerves while out and about.

Kiva Confections Brand

Kiva has been making gourmet cannabis chocolates since 2010. There one of the very first brands in the industry to combine high quality food with doses of THC; as well CBD in their products. They are also one of the very first companies to utilize professional chefs in producing their widely popular chocolate concoctions.

Known for their chocolate bars, Kiva’s chocolates have also been award-winning; their Blackberry Dark Chocolate flavor won Best Edible 2013 at the San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup. As well as Best Edible 2013 at the LA High Times Cannabis Cup. With a constant penchant for innovation, Kiva has continued to produce creative flavor combinations. All infused with the highest quality cannabis extract in the market.

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