Top 10 Cannabis Strains of 2020

Welcome to the 2020’s! We are truly living in a golden era for cannabis. You can feel confident that the effects will be exactly what you expected by learning about the properties of each strain in advance. Amazing new varieties are being developed that will put the all-time greats to the test You can discover the best of both worlds with this list of the Top 10 Cannabis Strains of 2020.

10. Banjo (THC 19%)

Citrus lovers rejoice over this hybrid cross of Boost and Tangelo. The moderate potency will appeal to those who don’t enjoy a powerful high. The mellow effects are commonly reported to inspire creativity and a euphoric feeling. After a physical day, Banjo can be very soothing to the muscles and limbs as you kick off your boots and listen to your favorite bluegrass station.

9. Vanilla Frosting (THC 21-25%)

One of the most exciting brand-new strains available. Vanilla Frosting adds a cross of the Humboldt Frost OG to the popular Gelato strains. It is popular with growers for easy to grow. Big dense buds are dusted with white crystals and blushing with a purple tint. This high potency indica dominant strain delivers a lofty, uplifting high.

8. Harlequin (THC 5%, CBD 8.5%)

A medical strain has just enough THC in it to kick off the euphoric body relaxation of a solid dose of CBD. This sativa-dominant hybrid has old school roots coming from the Nepalese and Thai bud. Stay alert while feeling calm and creative. Great for pain relief and replacing nausea with a good appetite.

7. Crystal Candy (THC 20%, CBD 0.3%)

This exciting, new Indica-dominant hybrid was developed in 2016, Crystal Candy combines a delicious flavor with a balanced feel. Enjoy an uplifting head change combined with a noticeable body buzz. The best feature is the sweet fruity aroma of melons and candy flavor. Nearly white with crystals.

6. White Widow (THC 18%, CBD 0.28%)

A classic, world-famous strain remains one of the most popular. Known for its powerful, euphoric high and long-lasting effects. While the THC potency might not jump off the charts, the real story is in the terpenes. Strong herbal and peppery flavors are reminiscent of Amsterdam in the 1990s.

5. Crown Royale (THC 21%, CBD 2.1%)

Not hard to believe that indica-hybrid crossed between Blueberry and Purple Kush is going to deliver highquality relaxation effects. A strong cerebral high combined with a body high and the therapeutic effects of CBD. It has usage for depression, anxiety, pain, and headaches. With those genetics, you can trust that the citrus and pine flavors are going to taste great.

4. Gorilla Glue (THC 26%)

A modern classic, this potent hybrid strain brings the heavy euphoric feelings many cannabis fans enjoy. Winning all kinds of awards in recent years, it is a well-known champ. Pungent aromas and sour flavors come from this sticky, dense bud. This is the strain for the end of the day, inducing a strong appetite and putting you to sleep.

3. Super Lemon Haze (THC 18%)

This sativa-dominant hybrid was created from Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. It has an uplifting effect that keeps your mind clear. You won’t feel lazy or lose your keys after consuming it. A wonderful lemony flavor and top-rate smokeability. It is perfect for an active day hiking or working in the garden. This on-the-go cannabis is very popular for vaping.

2. Jack Herer (THC 20%, CBD 0.2%)

Originally created for medical purposes, Jack Herer has become a standard for recreational use as well. A combination of high THC potency with moderate CBD comes from a cross between Northern lights indica, Shiva Skunk indica, and Haze sativa. It provides an energetic buzz that lasts a long time. Large buds with a delicious pine scent.

1. Blue Dream (THC 21%)

Still a favorite after all these years, Blue Dream has it all. A consistently high THC potency from a sativa dominant strain. A perfect daytime high that will relax and provide a sedative effect without the mental fog. In fact, it is known for a feeling of motivation and creativity. It has been wide usage to treat nausea, depression, pain relief. Delicious smells of berries of vanilla, smooth to smoke. This is the cannabis that you can use daily and never grow tired of. After over a decade of popularity, cannabis lovers haven’t grown tired of it yet.

New Decade Wrap Up

When visiting a dispensary in 2020, you can count on finding some great quality and a wide variety. While many people just look for THC potency, a new wave of cannabis fans are learning to appreciate the therapeutic effects that come from less potent strains. The best thing is, discovering which properties you like will be a fun and therapeutic adventure.

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