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Tinctures: The Medicinal Powerhouse!

You are aware of all the good that cannabis can do for your health and well being. You may enjoy the relaxing and healthful benefits of CBD products or the more psychological effects of THC. Either way, there is a variety of ways to consume cannabis. Flowers can be rolled up and smoked. Oils can […]

The Truth About Driving While High

Driving, while under the influence of cannabis, does not deter the driver’s ability to avoid accidents. Being under the influence of cannabis can significantly slow the reaction time of drivers. But does the impairment of driving equate to other drugs like alcohol? There have been many statistical reviews done on whether or not cannabis impairs […]

Cannabis & CBD: Success Stories

The use of cannabis for any reason at times may raise questions. However, indeed, some people have tried it, and it has yielded good results. Here are some of the cannabis success stories of those who have used CBD for various medical conditions. O’ Hara’s Story of Struggling with Migraines and Seizures Mr. O’ Hara […]

CBD & Cannabis for Pets? Yes, Please!

Legalization has allowed more patients suffering from various ailments to incorporate cannabis into their lives. This growing acceptance for cannabis and CBD has led to an increased focus on research surrounding how CBD can help other beings, including our favorite pets. The endocannabinoid system of pets works like that of human beings. Thus, CBD, an […]

Moral Panic & Truth About Cannabis Vapes

After years of hearing that vaping is safer than smoking, we now hear that vaping can suddenly cause a severe respiratory illness that can be fatal in the worst cases. How safe vaping is depends on the quality of the vape juice that one uses. Buying crudely made liquid that contains either nicotine or THC […]

CBD Topicals: Safe, Easy & Reliable

assortment of topicals on top of leafs

You’re probably aware of the benefits CBD edibles can have on your mental state. From calming you down and relieving anxiety, to helping treat chronic pain or conditions, which traditional medication can’t treat. Today, however, there are a number of CBD topicals available for pain relief, for treating medical conditions/issues, and for general health and […]

Cannabis Consumption & Its Complexities

A plain background with a vape, cannabis concentrate, pills and a syringe side-by-side

With cannabis increasingly decriminalized and even legal in many parts of the world, users are becoming more interested in the different ways to consume the product. Cannabis use is not limited to smoking, by any means. Much of the harshness of cannabis smoke consumption disappears if one uses a vaporizer full of cannabis e-liquid. Vaporizers […]

Rick Simpson Oil: The Phenomenon

syringe with oil next to cannabis flower on concrete floor

Rick Simpson Oil or RSO (also known Phoenix Tears) is a cannabis extract that derives its name from Rick Simpson, the medical cannabis activist who discovered and created it. The oil is a high cannabis extract with a high concentration of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabinoids and has […]

The Medicinal Benefits of CBD

three bottles of cbd oil next to cannabis plant leaves outdoor

What is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the ingredients of cannabis. By reading this blog, you will learn about how the use of CBD products has been increasing consistently over the years, due to its many benefits. It’s used in the manufacturing of therapeutic oils and alternative medicines. Currently, scientists are […]

Is Cannabis The Miracle Cure?

cannabis oil bottle next to cannabis leaves

Everyone knows someone who praises the use of cannabis, and you’ve definitely heard the life changing stories from avid supporters. Cannabis has been receiving a lot of media attention, and this is simply due to the fact that the positive impact of cannabis can no longer be ignored. Let’s just say Canada has really stepped […]