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Vape Pens: Dry Herb or Concentrate?

Over the last few decades, the usage of cannabis has become increasingly accepted. With it, the quality, types of product and methods of cannabis consumption have been on the rise. While many cannabis users still prefer traditional methods of consumption like smoking, some have taken a “healthier” alternative by using a vaporizer to vape cannabis, […]

British Columbia’s Role in Cannabis Activism

As the decade comes to a close, one thing can’t be overstated, cannabis in British Columbia is not a new thing. British Columbians have been using cannabis for recreational and medical purposes since the 60s. The legalization act from 2018 legalizes the cultivation, but the usage of this substance has very long and deep roots […]

Tinctures: The Medicinal Powerhouse!

You are aware of all the good that cannabis can do for your health and well being. You may enjoy the relaxing and healthful benefits of CBD products or the more psychological effects of THC. Either way, there is a variety of ways to consume cannabis. Flowers can be rolled up and smoked. Oils can […]

Cannabis Plants: The Growing Demand

an assortment of cannabis plants and plant

Cannabis use is not a recent phenomenon. In fact, the National Institutes of Health assert that people have been using cannabis as a natural therapy and treatment for various medical conditions for almost 3,000 years. Today, cannabis is becoming increasingly popular, with various significant benefits attributed to it. The idea of feminizing seeds with the […]

Deep Dive & Guide Into Baked Cannabis Goods

Since legalization we’ve seen various ways people can safely consume cannabis slowly grow in popularity. One of these ways is eating baked cannabis goods. This is one of the safest and popular ways to get high, as you no smoke gets into your lungs. These edible products are also known to produce much stronger highs […]

The Truth About Driving While High

Driving, while under the influence of cannabis, does not deter the driver’s ability to avoid accidents. Being under the influence of cannabis can significantly slow the reaction time of drivers. But does the impairment of driving equate to other drugs like alcohol? There have been many statistical reviews done on whether or not cannabis impairs […]

Top 5 Edible Brands in North America

When thinking about cannabis edibles, most people would think, “Oh, brownies.” Well, while cannabis infused brownies are still very much popular today; cannabis edibles have taken on a completely new meaning with the countless brands and companies that have been popping up in the market. With the legalization of cannabis use in many US states […]

Cannabis & CBD: Success Stories

The use of cannabis for any reason at times may raise questions. However, indeed, some people have tried it, and it has yielded good results. Here are some of the cannabis success stories of those who have used CBD for various medical conditions. O’ Hara’s Story of Struggling with Migraines and Seizures Mr. O’ Hara […]

Cannabis Culture, Activism & 4/20

Today, there are still very few countries in which cannabis is legal everywhere. However, the legalization of cannabis in Canada was a historic moment that will serve as a standard for others to follow. Canadian cannabis culture is what helped make the plant become acceptable, and celebrated; which then became legal in Canada before the […]