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How Canadian Cannabis Laws Affect You

canadian cannabis flag next to parliament

Canada is one of the very few countries that have fully legalized cannabis. One might wonder what laws there might still be against cannabis in Canada. Is cannabis as legal as cigarettes and alcohol, or are there still a lot more restrictions? Any Canadian who recreationally or medically uses cannabis should be aware of where […]

The Medicinal Benefits of CBD

three bottles of cbd oil next to cannabis plant leaves outdoor

What is CBD? CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the ingredients of cannabis. By reading this blog, you will learn about how the use of CBD products has been increasing consistently over the years, due to its many benefits. It’s used in the manufacturing of therapeutic oils and alternative medicines. Currently, scientists are […]

Is Cannabis The Miracle Cure?

cannabis oil bottle next to cannabis leaves

Everyone knows someone who praises the use of cannabis, and you’ve definitely heard the life changing stories from avid supporters. Cannabis has been receiving a lot of media attention, and this is simply due to the fact that the positive impact of cannabis can no longer be ignored. Let’s just say Canada has really stepped […]

Top Potent Cannabis Strains of 2019

person wearing a blue glove holding a few cannabis leaves

Canada produces some of the finest cannabis strains on the planet. When it comes to the beautiful purple colors, people love the cold climates in Canada that help to deliver the truest of purps. Beyond the beautiful purple buds, consumers love that Canada is responsible for some unbelievable genetics. Not only does Canada produce epic […]