Hermaphrodite cannabis plants and their uses


Hermaphrodite cannabis plants and their uses are often ignore in the cannabis world. Much like with other species, a hermaphrodite cannabis plant will develop the characteristics of a unisex plants and produce flowers that contain both thick buds and strong seeds. Unfortunately, these cannabis plants are mostly unfavoured by the producing community. They can completely ruin crops meant for recreational use and are full of seeds which makes it a low-quality product.

Most common way of getting a hermaphrodite plant

There are only a couple different ways that a hermaphrodite cannabis plant will form. The first is due to genetics and the second is based on the environment. If a plant is put under conditions lacking essential components like water and light, then the stress a plant is experiencing can cause this reaction. It is the plant’s natural ability to shut down and shorten its growth cycle if it isn’t getting what it needs to flourish. Some of the biggest causes of stress for a marijuana plant are interruptions in light during the flowering stage, heat reaching over 27 celsius on average, harvesting a Hermaphrodite cannabis plants and their uses plant past its prime, damage to the plant structure, lack of water, too much fertilizer, spidermites or diseases, too much cold, and the use of pesticides or fungicides.

The difference between male from female plants

Spotting a hermaphrodite cannabis plant is difficult until you learn to tell male from female marijuana plants.

Male marijuana plants

Male cannabis plants will produce pollen balls underneath their leaves. They are sacs that once developed can fertilize an entire field of female plans with just one ball. The male cannabis plant tends to grow faster and will be lanky. They will not produce THC or hairs at all until they are in their final flowering stages. A male cannabis plant will produce mainly seed and only a small fraction of flower.

Female marijuana plant

The female cannabis plant usually grow slower than the male plant. Females will be shorter a bushier and almost immediately begin producing orange and white hairs and pistils. THC crystal can sometimes be spotted even at a young stage coating some of the smaller fan leaves. A female marijuana plant will produce high THC bud that is much more potent than that of a male cannabis plant.

Prior indication of a hermaphrodite plant

If you’re looking for early signs of a hermaphrodite plant, you will want to watch the smallest v-shaped branch that extends from the stalk. This is where you will see the very first bud or pollen sacs develop. Early signs of a hermaphrodite plant will be the development of both male and female flower anatomy.

What does a hermaphrodite plant look like?

A hermaphrodite plant will resemble a female cannabis plant once it nears the end of its life cycle. Cannabis flower produced by a hermaphrodite plant will be fraught with seeds which can often be noticed long before harvest as many will develop on the outside of the flower bud. When younger a hermaphrodite cannabis plant will most likely sport pollen sacs long before any flower production occurs. The plant itself will also be smaller than it’s female and male counterparts as the process of turning into a hermaphrodite will stunt the overall growth of a marijuana plant.

Can you smoke a hermaphrodite plant?

While the answer is absolutely, you can most definitely smoke flowers produced by a hermaphrodite cannabis plant. You may not want to. A hermaphrodite plant will not be nearly as potent as a fully grown female cannabis plant, and it will be full of seeds which will affect smokability and taste.

What can a hermaphrodite weed plant be used for?

Smoke It

Prior mentioned before you can smoke the cannabis plant produced by a hermaphrodite plant, it might not be a pleasant taste. In the best attempt to save a plant that’s transformed into a hermaphrodite you can use a pair of tweezers or your fingers to remove any pollen sacs the moment you see them. Growers will often go so far as to completely remove any flowers that show male characteristics.

Making concentrates

Hermaphrodite weed plants can be used to make any THC or CBD concentrates like hash, oil, shatter, powder, etc. While THC content in a hermaphrodite plant is often low, once harvested and condensed it can end up a reasonably effective concentrate.

Making feminized seeds

A hermaphrodite plant is often use in the creation of making feminized seeds. A hermaphrodite plant will be introduced to a crop of female cannabis plants while using hormones and other chemicals. The results will be mostly female or feminized seeds that will have a higher rate of creating pure female plants.