CBD & Cannabis for Pets? Yes, Please!

Legalization has allowed more patients suffering from various ailments to incorporate cannabis into their lives. This growing acceptance for cannabis and CBD has led to an increased focus on research surrounding how CBD can help other beings, including our favorite pets. The endocannabinoid system of pets works like that of human beings. Thus, CBD, an active constituent of the cannabis plant, affects your pet much as it affects you. It is, therefore, that pet owners around the world have started exploring the role of CBD in treatment of various therapeutic and behavioral issues in pets. This article aims to explore how cannabis and CBD can help pets.

How Cannabis and CBD Can Help Pets?

Several research studies have linked the regulated use of CBD with inhibited growth of cancer cells in humans. Moreover, CBD plays an active role in alleviating the side-effect of cancer treatment procedures. These observations and conclusions stand true for your pets, as well. In dogs and cats, CBD can play a pivotal role in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and providing relief from side-effects associated with cancer treatment.

A 2015-study researched the link between cannabinoids and epilepsy and found that regulated use of CBD is capable of reducing seizures to zero over time. Almost 1% to 5% of all puppies experience seizures. The causative factors for these seizures include hereditary diseases, brain malignancy, kidney and liver dysfunctions, and idiopathic epilepsy. As a matter of fact, 3% of all dogs suffer from idiopathic epilepsy. Thus, cannabis and CBD can help your pets deal with seizures.

Cats or dogs, anxiety affects all pets alike. In humans, cannabis and CBD reduce anxiety and its symptoms by increasing a person’s serotonin to normal levels. Cannabis or CBD oil produces the same effect on pets. CBD makes pets feel calmer. Moreover, a 2011-study also showed that CBD helps animals fight any feelings of nausea.

Your pets are capable of experiencing pain much the same way as you. However, unlike you, they cannot express their grief and plight. It is, thus, that pet’s parents must be extra careful and always check their pets for any signs and symptoms. If you find your dog or cat limping, immediately do a thorough check. Various studies have found that cannabis and CBD can help relieve animals of joint pain and pain, in general. CBD does so by attaching itself to CB1 receptors and reducing any sensation of pain.

It’s only recently that the research around the effect of cannabis and CBD on pets has picked up. However, whatever little research has been done to date concludes that cannabis and CBD can help animals in several ways. Now that we have successfully established the benefits of CBD on pets let us focus on things you must know before you start giving your pet any cannabis-based supplement.

A Few Things You Must Know Before You Give Your Pet Cannabis or CBD

If you have been contemplating giving your pet CBD, the first thing you must know is that pets are sensitive to THC, and thus, you must find a CBD supplement that does not contain any amount of THC. Before you give your pet any CBD supplement, make sure it is 100% organic. The THC present in CBD is known to provide a high. Pets, in general, do not react well to this high, and it can cause them to become anxious and paranoid.

Moreover, do not ever give your dog CBD oil or any other CBD supplement without consulting with a veterinarian first. While talking to the veterinarian, bring up important questions, such as which supplement would be best for your pet? What is the right dosage? What should you do in case your pet begins to show signs of discomfort or anxiety? These are essential questions, and answers to these will help you keep your pet safe.


Research has proved that pets react to CBD, much like humans react to it. Thus, cannabis and CBD can prove to be helpful while dealing with anxious pets or pets suffering from chronic diseases. These days, CBD is available in different forms. From oil and capsules to biscuits and ointments, a variety of pet CBD supplements are easily available in the market. Talk to a veterinarian and choose wisely.

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