The World of Canadian Cannabis Weddings

white cannabis cake with flower nug and other flowers for weddings

As cannabis becomes more mainstream and more accessible, people throughout Canada are using it more in their daily lives. It’s becomes a lifestyle for many, and because of that, tons of people are incorporating cannabis into special events. Events such as weddings and marital ceremonies.

Organizations like the Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo are helping couples who love cannabis incorporate it into their special day. They host expos throughout Canada that put people in touch with vendors that sell hemp wedding dresses, cannabis floral arrangements, and a whole-host of other cannabis-based service providers.

For most of us when we go to weddings we don’t expect to see cannabis use outside of the typical small secretive usage among attendees at a parking lot, for instance. But, organizations like CCWE coordinate with weddings planners to make cannabis accessible for use in safe and welcoming spaces.

This takes the form of cannabis bars – or bud bars – were attendees can just order up some dry herb the same way they would order alcohol. Which would foster a space for wedding attendees to consume cannabis responsibly and safely. This would also allow non-alcoholic using attendees to take part in marital festivities, without stigma or fear.

However, most provincial governments have legal restrictions on how cannabis can be distributed. There’s no permits given to weddings or large-scale events. Essentially, only licensed retail stores can sell cannabis products.

Despite this, organizations like CCWE and cannabis activists are working tirelessly and advocating for exemptions to the general framework. People want cannabis to have a role and place on their super special day. And doing so would be a guaranteed revenue generator for governments and would foster a culture of love, celebration and safe cannabis use for all potential-newlyweds.

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