Cannabis & CBD: Success Stories

The use of cannabis for any reason at times may raise questions. However, indeed, some people have tried it, and it has yielded good results. Here are some of the cannabis success stories of those who have used CBD for various medical conditions.

O’ Hara’s Story of Struggling with Migraines and Seizures

Mr. O’ Hara talks of his life-long struggles with migraines, which he had to deal with throughout his life. In his 50’s, he also started experiencing sudden seizures. Mr. O’ Hara, a resident of Toronto Canada experience with seizures, left him more confused and with a memory lapse. This is after two weeks of struggling with these seizures.

He explains that his life was a total mess, as he couldn’t function the way he used to be. These life-long migraines and seizures had robbed him of his life. After his neurologist run a series of tests including CAT and MRI’s, he was told that he is suffering from focal awareness seizures. He was put on anti-seizure medication.

He, however, continued experiencing these seizures despite being put on anti-seizure medication, which also took a toll on his health. The medication side effects only worsened his situation. He was disconnected from his work and family. Luckily, he came across a physician who was willing to help him find a possible solution to his problem. The physician recommended a CBD treatment. The outcome says Mr. O’ Hara was like day and night. He eventually gained control over seizures and migraines. Cannabis helped him successfully gain control over his life again.

Mr. Horn’s Story of Struggling with PTSD

Mr. Horn’s life took the wrong turn after the horrendous accident that happened when he was only 22 years. This is after he accidentally shot his mother with a rifle. At this time, Horns was practicing target shooting with an air rifle in their family garden. He didn’t know that his mother was in the garden, and a stray pellet hit her neck, leaving her with a raptured artery.

His mum developed hypoxia, which brought about permanent brain damage, which made her spend a few years in a coma before her demise in 2004. After that traumatizing accident, Mr. Horn underwent several cognitive-behavioural psychoanalysis, which he thought would help him. Mr. Horns explains that he used to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, flashbacks of what happened and some other mental disorders. He would later find refuge in smoking cannabis.

However, almost instantaneously, Horn discovered that cannabis elevated his mood. Horns say that, indeed, CBD has helped him in so many ways. He used to find it difficult to mingle with people or be around people many people. According to Horns, it brings him more at that moment. He also noted that using CBD indeed made him feel more relaxed.

The Major Takeaway and Pathway Forward

From these success stories, we can say that the therapeutic properties of cannabis cannot be ignored. However, more research on this should be conducted to confirm some of the doubts that some people have about using CBD for medical purposes. It’s also advisable for patients who may be thinking of trying medical cannabis to first seek advice from their doctors. Your healthcare provider may help you know what kind of cannabis can be useful to your medical condition.

Check out both Mr.Horn’s and Mr. O’Hara’s stories for more information and knowledge about how cannabis can help treat severe pains. To view our selection of CBD products that help ail severe pains, click right here.