7 Reasons Psilocybin may be the next legal drug to hit the market

Written by: AuroraBPsilocybin has a multi-faceted potential to enrich the lives of human beings. This chemical compound is naturally occurring in nature, found in over 200 species of fungus, and more commonly known as magic mushrooms. The psychodelic nature of Psilocybin containing mushrooms is pretty widely know, but the legitimate medical and spiritual uses are […]

Hermaphrodite cannabis plants and their uses


Hermaphrodite cannabis plants and their uses are often ignore in the cannabis world. Much like with other species, a hermaphrodite cannabis plant will develop the characteristics of a unisex plants and produce flowers that contain both thick buds and strong seeds. Unfortunately, these cannabis plants are mostly unfavoured by the producing community. They can completely […]

CBD Dosage Calculation for Maximum Absorption and Health Benefits: A comprehensive Guide

CBD Dosage

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a well-known compound in medicinal cannabis and is being widely used all over the globe due to its multiple health, and wellness-related benefits. Although, its use has been significantly accelerated across the globe use of the same CBD dosage has never been a good option for people belonging to different age groups, […]

Role Of CBD to Boost Work Productivity

CBD to Boost Work Productivity is an essential element of medicinal cannabis and helps to promote human health and wellness by interacting with the natural cannabinoid system of the human body. CBD from good quality cannabis has high safety profile and does not make consumers feel high. CBD is entirely different from THC and does […]

Efficient Ways CBD Consumption A Comprehensive Guide

CBD Consumption is a significantly important compound in medicinal cannabis and is helpful to promote various body conditions and overall wellness. CBD is widely consumed throughout the glove due to its potential benefits. There are many ways to consume CBD and their effectiveness is greatly dependent on efficient absorption, method of ingestion, physical condition, health […]

Cannabis to Achieve Wellness

Cannabis to Achieve Wellness is being regarded as a natural miracle due to the presence of wide range of cannabinoids that are significantly important to promote overall health, and wellness of human beings, and animals. The benefits of cannabis plants are directly linked the cultivation and management practices and therefore careful cultivation offers more benefits […]

Vape Pens: Dry Herb or Concentrate?

Over the last few decades, the usage of cannabis has become increasingly accepted. With it, the quality, types of product and methods of cannabis consumption have been on the rise. While many cannabis users still prefer traditional methods of consumption like smoking, some have taken a “healthier” alternative by using a vaporizer to vape cannabis, […]

British Columbia’s Role in Cannabis Activism

As the decade comes to a close, one thing can’t be overstated, cannabis in British Columbia is not a new thing. British Columbians have been using cannabis for recreational and medical purposes since the 60s. The legalization act from 2018 legalizes the cultivation, but the usage of this substance has very long and deep roots […]

Tinctures: The Medicinal Powerhouse!

You are aware of all the good that cannabis can do for your health and well being. You may enjoy the relaxing and healthful benefits of CBD products or the more psychological effects of THC. Either way, there is a variety of ways to consume cannabis. Flowers can be rolled up and smoked. Oils can […]