7 Reasons Psilocybin may be the next legal drug to hit the market

Written by: AuroraB
Psilocybin has a multi-faceted potential to enrich the lives of human beings. This chemical compound is naturally occurring in nature, found in over 200 species of fungus, and more commonly known as magic mushrooms. The psychodelic nature of Psilocybin containing mushrooms is pretty widely know, but the legitimate medical and spiritual uses are just now being looked at scientifically. Shamans, medicine men, and Indigenous People have understood for further back than history even records that the chemical these mushrooms posses is healing to the body and soul, using it medicinally and in religious ceremonies. Since being officially banned in America in 1968, then scheduled as a class 1 narcotic in 1970, the western world has had essentially no chance to explore the uses and benefits of a treatment like this. Eyes are finally beginning to open again to the abilities of this chemical compound to heal both medically and spiritually.
With this compound being explored more closely and positive scientific data mounting to support its effectiveness in treating many mental health conditions, the possibility of this being the next legal drug marketed is very real for the first time in history. Here are 7 of the most amazing benefits of Psilocybin that are the driving force toward legalization of this magical compound as soon as possible.

Stimulates production of brand new brain cells
Studies have shown through MRI brain scans, test subjects had neurogenesis in the hippocampus section of the brain. This part of your brain is responsible for emotion, learning, and memory. These new cells can aide in unlearning a conditioned response to stimuli or an emotional response to a memory.

Rewiring neural connections

The rewiring of neural pathways being seen is changing the pathways used to pass information from one section of the brain to another. This can allow someone to change their way of thinking and help relearn thought patterns, possibly allowing people to think about things in a different, more positive way.

Curbing addiction

Showing promising potential to diminish the urge to keep going back to destructive habits and rather look more at the bigger picture, this has potential to aide countless people in changing their lives and sticking
with it long term. With the interaction of this chemical NOT creating any urges of needing to consume more, it would sit squarely ahead of any medical addiction treatments used today.

Altering personality traits positively

In studies, participants have shown a shift in clarity and openness. Openness is 1 of the 5 personality traits, and they have shown Psilocybin to facilitate with communication and help you be more open to new
experiences. A follow up with test subjects 1 year after the study showed the effects are lasting, suggesting these personality traits may last for life.

Aides in coping with psychological destress

The immediate and long-lasting reduction in psychological distress associated with a terminal diagnosis or a
chronic medical condition can ease anxiety and depression associated with these diagnoses to live again.
Prompting ability to live more in the moment rather than worry about the future has powerful uses in end-oflife care.

Drastic reduction in OCD symptoms

As of today, OCD treatments mainly rely on therapy based training aiming at helping people to stop habits
through practice and resistance. The compound Psilocybin has potential to fix the root of the problem,
eradicating these compulsive behaviors completely..

Reducing anxiety and depression

Allowing improvements in the lives of people coping with mental disorders like these, this natural treatment aids in communication and openness, allowing healing of psychological scars that may contribute to
symptoms. This natural compound is allowing people with severe symptoms, sometimes unresponsive to many other treatments, to live their lives again.
With legitimate studies ramping up and their overwhelming supportive outcomes to the many benefits of this ancient wonder drug, it is now on the fast track to becoming a recognized legitimate medication to help
people in all areas of their lives, especially mental ailments. With the possibility of being available legally to the first patients as soon as 2021, and Oregon being the first state to legalize its limited medical use just this
month, this miraculous medicine is finally getting the recognition it deserves. People will finally have legal access to this miraculous “brain resetting” medical treatment that will have the potential to not only reduce
symptoms of mental disorders, but potentially cure them by changing the way your brain thinks.